Sahar Arbabimoghadam




        Doctor of Philosophy in Biophysics (Current)
        University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada

        Master of Science in Physics of Elementary Particles and Theory of Fields 
        Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

        Bachelor of Science in Solid State Physics
        Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran




1. Genetic code structure by Adinkra Symbols

2. Quantum criticality, Quantum chaos 


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  1. Eshghi M, Arbabi Moghadam S. The quadratic plus the tensor potentials for particle with 1/2-spin via L2 method under the spin symmetry. Math Methods Appl Sci 2015; 38: 5124–31.

  2. Arbabi Moghadam S, Mehraban H, Habibi Khoshmehr H. The energy eigenvalues of Dirac equation with the modified Eckart and modified deformed Hylleraas potential by shape invariance approach. Phys Part Nucl Lett 2015; 12: 667–79.

  3. Arbabi Moghadam S, Eshghi M, Mehraban H. Solution of the Dirac equation for pseudo-harmonic oscillatory ring-shaped potential by the supersymmetric quantum mechanics. Phys Scr 2014; 89: 95202.

  4. Arbabi Moghadam S, Mehraban H, Eshghi M. Eigen-spectra in the Dirac-attractive radial problem plus a tensor interaction under pseudospin and spin symmetry with the SUSY approach. Chinese Phys B 2013; 22: 100305.